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Steve Aylott
I had been looking for a specific Jeep Ascari for about a month and managed to find one online at Veloces. From my very first contact with Paul the service was outstanding and on arrival at the showroom the car was everything that they said it would be and was in immaculate condition. The customer service was excellent, and Olly explained the car to me in great depth and facilitated the test drive.

The deal was painless and the Jeep was ready for me to pick up on the time and date we agreed "“ they assisted me with taxing the vehicle and also provided a drive away pack which meant that I didn't have to worry about the cross over period on my insurance.

I have had the vehicle for 3 weeks now and am nothing but pleased with it and would recommend Veloces, Paul and his team to anyone if they are looking for quality cars and quality customer service.
I've just collected my car which had had major damage from someone opening their door into me while I was driving past. The damaged parts have all been replaced and the paintwork has been carried out to perfection, there is no difference to be seen between the original and the new paint, the car looks as new.

The service team have been very helpful and the repair has been carried out very speedily while I was given a courtesy car to use. I've bought two cars from Veloces and have been very happy with both of them. I've had my servicing always done by them and they've kept the cars running perfectly. I hope to be a customer for a long time to come and can only recommend this garage for purchases and for servicing.
I am delighted with the work, yet again, that Veloces have carried out on my car. They have looked after the car since I bought it 4 years ago. They have have regularly serviced it. Veloces have also repaired it beautifully, after a truck hit it. They carried out full repairs doing an excellent job including matching the paint work perfectly. Today, they replaced the cars blower. They worked very hard to keep the cost to a minimum for me. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Ray and Louise
Hi Paul

Many thanks to you and your guys for sorting out my door handle yesterday. Absolutely great service I wish all car dealerships were as good as yours.

Once again thanks.
I would very highly recommend Paul and his team, both for the quality of repair services rendered and the willingness to go the extra mile to get things right. I initially came across Veloces online, as I specifically needed a Fiat dealership to fix my car. A month after the successful repair, I was hit in the rear and fell prey to a bit of nightmare rigmarole with my insurers. I am grateful for the professionalism and expertise with which Paul & team advised & assisted me (in total contrast with the garage my insurers had chosen) and for their skillful repairs, withouth which I would not still have my valued wheels...

Rev S.Iskander
I had to kiss a lot of frogs...before I found my prince

Buying an Alfa is not an easy business, there are a lot of different sorts of dealers out there but Veloces are special. Okay, so they're not the cheapest but then you get what you pay for. Being an Alfa Female I've had to put up with a lot of being talked down to by Alfa dealers, small concerns and the big dealers. I'd been told elsewhere 'sorry the car you booked to test drive is not available' after travelling to drive it and 'you're here because we're the best'. Veloces, on the other hand, listened to me and took time to make sure I was getting what I needed as well. When it came to collection the car was absolutely immaculate and they even sorted out a set of winter wheels and tyres in quick time. Fantastic service from every member of the team who all worked well together. Of course, it helps that the car is a great drive too and I have every confidence the Veloces offer of ongoing support will hold true.
Cutting Edge
I bought my dream car from Veloces last year, a 2009 Alfa Romeo Brera, the car was presented to an extremely high standard and I fell in love with it during my test drive with Mitch. Paul handled the sale very professionally & efficiently and I must say the car has been an absolute joy. A year on, I took my car in for a service and an engine remap, it's taken the car to another level and has made the whole driving experience more enjoyable, something I imagined was not possible. Thank you guys!
Just wanted to leave a message to say what an easy and personal experience I had with Veloches. Oliver who was looking after my Alfa Romeo phoned me to check before doing any work on the vehicle and I felt like i'd left my car in safe hands. The guys obviously have a passion for Alfa Romeo's and that shows in the work. A nice touch was while I was pulling out of the garage we spotted my rear plate light was out and Oliver who had just done my MOT replaced the bulb in seconds free of charge. Nice guys and obviously care - 100% recommend.

P Johnstone
I am repeating myself - but a huge thanks for great service this week, and above all, superb client relations. I will certainly transfer my small service needs, and maybe come out to look through vehicle stock too.

I think the impression especially rings my bell for two reasons. Part of my work specialises in management of organisations. Secondly, I have come through months of appalling service, disorganised firms, people and procedures unfit for purpose etc etc in a big range of activities. This first contact with VELOCES, was entirely positive. Personal service, great attention (out of all proportion for a minor fault in an old bomb!) and above all, open, simple, prompt and direct communication throughout. The valeting of the vehicle was much appreciated.
I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the service provided regarding the purchase. I appreciated your time, Mitch's feedback on the test drive and Ross's time in answering all my questions and for the final sale. I thought your whole team were extremely professional and it was a pleasure to have bought the car off you.

The car is going well. Pretty quick and fun to drive and looks great.

Many Thanks
Andy C
I have bought (and sold) more than 10 cars from Veloces over the years. They have the knack of sourcing superior used Alfas of the highest quality. Knowledgeable and honest and genuine Alfa enthusiasts. You can buy and enjoy a second hand Alfa with confidence.
James B
One happy 159 owner!
Dealing with Paul and everyone at Veloces was a pleasure. I had my heart set on getting a 159 TBi TI and they had exactly what I wanted. The customer service was excellent from start to finish, whilst the car is flawless. As I'm from Ireland, I actually bought it unseen and they even sorted out the delivery to me. It arrived in showroom condition and I couldn't ask for anything more.
Superb dealer "“ enjoyable experience!

I bought an Alfa Romeo from Veloces in 2006 and it was an excellent experience and a great car. So, when the time came to trade the car in after 11 years, I had no hesitation in going back to them. I bought an immaculate second hand Giulietta which, although over 2 years old, looks and drives like a brand new car. Veloces were again extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and they made the whole experience stress-free and enjoyable. I would strongly recommend Veloces to anyone who shares my passion for Alfa Romeos!
Good value, straightforward.
Professional, knowledgeable and passionate about the cars they sell, dealing with the guys at Veloces was an excellent experience. This is the second car I've bought from Veloces and will be back in future to buy again. I'd recommend anyone who has a love for Alfa's to speak to these guys. You won't be disappointed.
5 *****
"I owned a 1999 Alfa Romeo GTV which was in poor condition. For a very reasonable price, Veloces carried out extensive work on the car and have restored it to as good as new. The staff were very helpful, extremely knowledgable and clearly take great pride in their work. I would highly recommend them."
Hi Paul

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team for doing such an amazing job. It's an incredible transformation and driving very well. Next time I'm in the area I will try and pop by to thank you in person.

Have a good weekend.
1st Alfa purchase.
My experience with Paul, Martin & their team was very positive during my time purchasing my 1st Alfa. Anything that needed explaining was done in a friendly and professional manner and judging by other reviews, these chaps do just that with every customer. I had done an obsessive amount of research before purchasing my Giulietta so I knew a great deal before buying. However it was still welcoming to hear their knowledge and see their passion for the brand and the vehicles. They offer a great deal of aftermarket options too! I'm certain that I'll be using their services again in the future. Cheers again guys.
Paul G
A must visit for all Alfisti
I thoroughly enjoyed the buying experience with Paul, Rossi and the Veloces team. All cars are well presented, Paul made us feel most welcome was helpful and knowledgeable, without being pushy or dismissive in any way. I'm delighted with my 'new' car, I have bought many cars over the years and have to say that this one was the best prepared I have ever seen, the valeting standard and attention to detail was certainly better than any franchised dealer I have experienced. Will definitely buy from Veloces again and will soon be back for an Ascari 200 remap :)
Perfect online purchase from Veloces.
I contacted Veloces initially by completing on line enquiry form on a sunday and was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Paul later that day. I was looking for a used Brera and unsuccessfull in finding one near my home in Edinburgh. Paul emailed a stock list to me after discussing what I was looking for. The details specifications and numerous photographs were very informative and there was a video of the car I then purchased. When I narrowed it down to two possibles Paul offered to fit my preferred wheel style to the car I chose. Another plus was Veloces being able to deliver the car to Glasgow saving me the journey to London. This is the first time I have bought a car unseen and the first time I have written a review like this but Veloces deserve full marks in my opinion.
Richard T
Very, Very good service and professionalism!
Having looked at various vehicles on-line, and carefully researched my introduction to Alfa Romeo ownership i opted to look at a couple of vehicles being offered by Veloces. During the purchase process I dealt with two guys, Paul and Martin, who could not have been any more helpful if they had tried. One of the things i liked about dealing with these guys is the ease at which they put you as soon as you arrive, there is no hard sell, even though i had made my mind up about which vehicle i wanted, and they explained everything in detail to me. Paul is, along with his team, very knowledgeable about the vehicles they are all obviously passionate about, giving me little snippets in to what to look out for and tips on preventative maintenance. I would not hesitate to recommend these guys to anyone and shall be returning in a couple of weeks to have some remap work done on the car i brought that day, purely based on their professionalism and customer service skills. Well done guys.
Hi All,

If you are interested and looking at this message, I'd just like to relay my recent experiences with Veloces of London. I'll try to keep it brief and factual.

To start, if you are reading this you are probably seriously considering an Alfa Romeo as your next car, likely with some degree of uncertainty if you've never owned one before, like myself. Coming as a long time entrenched Audi owner, I certainly had a perception, somewhat mis-informed and actually ignorant, that Alfa Romeo's, although one of the most beautiful and desirable of any car makes in history were a "bit unreliable" for everyday road use or commuter use. As a consequence, over the years whenever it was time to go into the market for a new car, out of blind ignorance I would always discount or overlook the Alfa Romeo as not being suitable for an everyday type of workhorse car. This caused a degree of anxiety because they are just so damned beautiful, almost romantic to look at, with of course, all that heritage of Italian performance car that Alfa Romeo is best known and loved for by real petrol heads.

This time it was different for me, I thought "no more boring bland generic German performance car if I can help it." So, I embarked on a quest and trawled the internet reading every Alfa Romeo review I could find and internet forum devoted to Alfa Romeo, getting all opinions, "warts an' all". To my happy surprise, what I found was little "real" substance in the whispers of unreliability, that was a thing of the past, but through ignorant here say, still persists, very unfairly. In general they are as reliable as any current German brand or otherwise family car.

Now my mind was made up"¦I was finally going to go Alfa Romeo, and I had been drawn towards the Giulietta, if I'm honest based mostly on looks! Then the happy task began of trawling all the internet for sale sites and visiting local dealers who might have had the odd one in stock. After more time than I care to remember, my head was simply spinning and I had a complete headache. One of the most important things I learned on my trawling was that fact that even the everyday family car Giulietta, while looking simply stunning, could also provide quite a bit of Italian performance car poke when needed if the right model was selected! So many to choose from! The minefield was worse now, but I was determined, armed with new found knowledge"¦knowledge is, after all POWER! I quickly realised that ALL local dealers who had one or two in stock knew absolutely nothing in particular about the Alfa, I knew more after a few days of research. They just wanted to sell you any brand of car as quickly as possible. Read on, as this car deserves more than that!

Then after trawling the autotrader's, pistonheads etc...I came across an Alfa Romeo Giulietta for sale that took my had all the specs I was looking for. Unfortunately it was down in London, and I'm in the North West. I was drawn because this dealer was an Alfa Romeo specialist"¦"Veloces of London". Their advertisement suggested immediately they certainly knew what they were doing and although the price was slightly higher than similar specs of Alfa Romeo sold elsewhere on the internet that was FAR, FAR from the whole story. I visited their website and immediately knew I was going to chase this one. I text the number and enquired about the car. Within a few minutes I was called back on the phone talking to one of the most knowledgeable genuine guy's on Alfa Romeo's and performance cars. This was Andy from Veloces of London. He also relayed info to me in a very none condescending way, Andy was completely down to Earth. I also spoke to Paul at Veloces too, who was the same kind of lovely, genuine guy as Andy. The guy's at Veloces probably know more about Alfa's than the main UK Alfa dealers themselves.

Here is where things got really interesting"¦"¦

Andy basically said anyone "can have their cake and eat it too" with the Alfa Romeo, in particular the Giulietta. That means"¦.the reliability, the amazing fuel economy, the Italian sublime beautiful styling and"¦..completely unexpected levels of performance!

Andy chatted about the hidden untapped monstrous performance that lies under the bonnet of a typical 2L turbo diesel Giulietta. This is released in the form a remap customised to the car itself, the ASCARI 200 tuning they have perfected at Veloces after many, many years of tuning Alfa Romeo's.

As I said earlier at first glance prices are just a tad higher with Veloces of London than a.n. other dealer, but reading past the first description reveals something far more important. These guys know the Alfa's inside out and from A to Z. They will change cambelt, water pumps, tensioners etc"¦before putting a car on the market along with replacing any parts that they expertly deem need changing or might need changing soon. A full inspection, tune up and full prep is performed. It does not take a high degree of brain power to realise this in fact makes Veloces of London's Alfa's brilliant value compared to any other dealers. And then you have the peace of mind that all under the bonnet is tip top too.

But it certainly doesn't end there, I was intrigued by the ASCARI tuning service"¦200 BHP and shed loads of Torque on tap"¦.all in a £30 per year road tax car with fuel economy of 50+ mpg. Andy gave me vivid explanations of what to expect following a Veloces tuning.

Too good to be true?.........

Well I took the plunge an ordered a car from Andy and Paul at Veloces sight unseen to be delivered to me in the North West following Veloces preparation and Ascari tuning. The day came and the stock 2L 140 BHP Giulietta was delivered to my door. During preparation, Andy and Paul kept my updated with progress and photos etc"¦

Wow! Although it was a used Alfa, the car looked like it had just rolled off a production line in Milan, inside and out.

Once I got used to the dashboard functions etc"¦I took it out for a spin. It purred like a kitten. I felt so unique on the road, real Italian designer class, simply stunning to look at for a family 4 door car. Every other car looked rather bland and uninspiring. Performance in normal (N) mode was very strong, the economy figures were showing over 50 mpg just driving casually around town. This car wouldn't look a hair out of place cruising around the Italian Dolomites, French Riviera, or a trip to the theatre in Milano, Turin or Rome! Simply stunning & bellissimo!

Then I reached for the DNA lever and put it into D mode"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦.

Unbelievable!.........I was speechless. I laughed out loud while accelerating away from everyone else.

The thing went like what I can only describe like a rocketship! The amount of torque on tap seemed literally endless, wheel spins in 3rd. The pull was incredible, I think my nerve would give out before this baby ever would. The pull in your seat from the torque was incredible"¦"¦"¦.The first thing that came to my mind was I recall being on the infamous "Rita, Queen of Speed" ride in Alton Towers, that's what this Alfa reminded me of"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦..and in a family economy car! The pull or g-Force in your seat is far more intense that taking off in Boeing 747 or Airbus A380. The Ascari tuning in combo with the Alfa settings get the steering feel just right too for this kind of driving (if you want it!).

Andy tells me it is running at over 200 bhp with +400 Nm of torque on tap in Dynamic mode. Fuel economy was still in the high 40's/50's!

So to summarise"¦"¦..Yes, Andy was 100% right. You can have your cake and eat it! A small family 4 door car that is reliable, has amazing economy, the famous Alfa Romeo super car looks and Kudos"¦.and topped off with truly blistering performance all for very little money. All things considered, forgetting every other aspect, to get significantly better performance that what Veloces have achieved with the Alfa Giulietta would take a LOT more money, and even then you would loose most of the other benefits mentioned above, like low road tax and insurance, maintenance costs etc...And the Alfa Romeo kudos.

My advice - if you are in the market for an Alfa Romeo, do not make any purchase decision until you have at least spoken to Veloces of London. Ask to speak to Andy or Paul.

I am 100% happy and when the time is right for my next car, I will be giving them a call first.

If anyone wants to speak to me, I'll be happy to oblige.


By Ian L on 21 March | VERIFIED PURCHASE
I went down to part exchange my old Alfa and was very happy with the whole process. Both Paul and Martin were very accommodating with my wish to get the deal done on the day. They really went the extra mile and didn't leave me feeling pressured as can sometimes be the case! The car itself is beautiful, I got an Ascari tuned 1.4 giulietta and it runs beautifully! Finally, to the drive home; just pulling onto the A3 and had a full on tyre blow out! I was obviously heartbroken but called up Veloces at 5.30 pm on a Saturday afternoon and they sent one of their guys out with a replacement wheel & tyre at no extra charge. Thats what you call customer service !
David F
Just purchased a beautiful White 159 Ti from Veloces. We had to travel 70 miles to get to Veloces but it was worth it, the team are helpful, not pushy and they really know their Alfa's. The other thing I noticed was the quality of their stock, the Alfa's they hold are all in tip top condition. I also plan to take my car back to Veloces next year for its MOT and service as there workshop and finish to the cars is excellent. In summary, if you want to buy an Alfa, I would use Veloces. Thanks to Martin and Paul.

Top class cars and service to match
The guys at Veloces know their stuff and are only to willing to spend time with you to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered, I did have many questions. We spoke to several of the team and found this to be a genuine theme. Veloces deliver top class cars and service to match.
Andrew B
Veloces of London brilliant.
My wife and I found this car via Auto Trader the presentation and pictures really sold the car to us. We had a very long drive to see this car but felt after contact with Veloces of London all would be fine. There business is amazing as a independent Alfa Romeo dealer there car selection is outstanding. We both felt main Alfa dealers should take note and see how these guys operate pure enthusiast. And to top it all off recommended a good French restaurant near by. Italian car French food does life get any better thanks to both Paul and Martin and all the team we will be back.
THE place to purchase pre-owned Alfa Romeo!

Having read many positive reviews about Veloces Of London, and now a customer of theirs - I can only add another great review! They without doubt source the cream of the crop when it comes to Alfas and prepare them for sale to a very high standard, everything is checked and whatever needs replacing is replaced to ensure you have at the very minimum a trouble free 12 months; added to this they offer additional peace of mind options by way of one of their comprehensive warranties. From my experience their extensive knowledge of the marque is very apparent and the non pushy sales technique only makes the buying experience even better. I would highly recommend Veloces Of London for your next Alfa purchase as I am sure I will be returning to purchase my next Alfa from them.
Hi Paul

Just back from holiday and I must say my Alfa looks stunning.

I want to thank you and your team for your time and dedication.

Now its back to its original condition I will only be using it high days and holidays and to look at on Sundays.

Thanks again
Hi Paul/Ollie,

All I can say is wow!

She runs like a dream - all the niggly flat spots, hesitations and rough running has gone, the acceleration is far smoother and even. It's just incredible and I wish I'd done it when I got the car.
Just wanted to say thank u so much for being fantastic today. I have just bought a fiat 500 and a warning light came on. Basically I have never had such good service from a garage. I just turned up and you fixed my light in 2 mins and we're so brilliant. Oliver is a lovely bloke! I will be back for servicing. Thank you!
I will undoubtedly purchase through Veloces in the future, they are an exceptional Alfa Romeo used vehicle dealership worthy of a five star rating. With regard to Alfa Romeo they are very passionate and knowledgeable and only sell the best examples.I've recently purchased a second successive Alfa Romeo Brera Prodrive from Veloces of London. Their knowledge, service and customer interface is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a first rate company from which to purchase a vehicle.

The Brera SC is all I hoped it would be and more! Jane and I were both very impressed with the reception we had from all the Team at Veloces, it made the event a very positive experience. Whilst there is no way I ever want to part with the car, if I do rest assured you would have first refusal as agreed
Andrew C
Hi Paul,

I'm not usually one for gushing testimonials but the "new" 159 I took delivery of is the nicest example I have ever driven. It really does feel like a new car.

So thank you!
Having looked at a number of Alfa Spiders in the Midlands / South over a few weeks we were rather underwhelmed with the quality of the cars available and the knowledge of some of the dealers selling them. Contacted Veloces, told them the colour spec combination we were after and within hours they rang me back with a car. I reserved the car over the phone and went to see it the following Friday with a view to driving it back if it was as good as Paul described it. Paul and his team were professional, knowledgeable and the car was the best we had seen by far. We taxed, insured it that afternoon and after a few minor cosmetic tweaks an engine remap and new performance air filter drove it back up the A1 - excellent customer service from genuine Alfa experts. If you are serious about Alfas ( I have owned 4 ) Veloces is the only place to buy a used one from.
Look forward to buying again from veloces

After a year of hard work in a busy restaurant and following a promotion I took the plunge to indulge myself in a new car and decided on an Alfa Romeo Brera S, however being a rare car they were hard to come by. Finding Veloces was a blessing as they specialize in these cars so although based in London and myself being from Birmingham I made up my mind to buy from these guys, which turned out to be a wise decision. I arrived there, was greeted by a number of friendly staff and then met Martin (who I spoke on the phone with) who was true gentleman. I felt no pressure, had no salesman talk, found no issues with any of the cars I viewed and the test drive was a pleasant experience so I placed the deposit on a stunning 2.2 Brera S which I would pick up the coming Monday. On the Monday of picking up the car I had a relative to drive me down and unfortunately on the M1 his boost pipe from the turbo blew so on arriving at veloces we informed them and they took the car straight into the garage and reattach the pipe free of charge - How often does that happen these days??? Then when I went into the office with Martin to make payment there was an issue with my card and the money not going through. This was a huge blow as I came all the way and thought I wouldn't be able to pick up my car that day until I got my bank account sorted. Instead Martin took the time to drive me to the nearest HSBC as I was unfamiliar with the area and sat in the bank with me for over an hour whilst I got things in my account sorted to enable the transfer to go through. After getting back to the garage I felt, dare I say it, embarrassed as I caused a lot more hassle to these guys than they needed as they were very busy. I expressed my gratitude to Martin who simply shook my hand with a genuine smile and said "not a problem". I have never had customer service like it, they genuinely care for their clientele and their cars and it shows. These guys are not your stereotypical wide boy car dealers who dont want you to return once you've exchanged cash, they represent something of a much higher standard. I will recommend to anyone, and I look forward to buying the 3.2 Brera S in a few months. Thank you again guys Will
Bought an Abarth from them. What a great experience. The car is great, but the guys at Veloces are even better. Andy made sure the car was impeccably presented, looked amazing and went like a rocket.

I am a new Abarth owner and had only heard about Veloces by chance from a fellow Abarth owner. Having woken up this Tuesday morning and attempting to drive to work, I found myself experiencing a burning smell from my Abarth and water running out the bottom of the car. Panic, panic, panic...I got to Veloces at 7:45 am having not booked in the car and waited for them to open at 8:00 am. Upon opening, the guys immediately checked my car and rushed it straight into the workshop. I was dropped off at the local train station and made my way to work. I was telephoned no more than an hour later whereby they confirmed the problem and found a number of other issues with the car. After I gave them the go ahead with the work, I was telephoned in the afternoon and told that the car would be ready by the end of the day. I am so relieved that Veloces exists as the manner with which my car troubles were dealt with was truly amazing. These guys genuinely care about cars and their owners. I am so grateful to you and thank you so much for taking the time to fix the car, after I simply imposed on you all that morning. Whether local or not...these guys are, in my mind, the only place to bring you car!
Hi Paul / Andy, Just a quick note (at last!) to say thanks for such great service from you guys. Andy really knows his stuff and took me through various cars which you have in stock as I came looking for something fun rather than any specific model in mind. The Abarth 500 I bought from you is fantastic and certainly meets the 'fun' factor and then some! It's a top quality car, can't fault it and it puts a smile on my face when I drive it or just look at it parked up Great service all round,


Takamasa Fuiji
Hello Paul,

I received a wheel today.
It was great!
Thank you for packing it carefully.

Best Regards,


Hi Paul,

Just to let you know that I was very pleased with the professional and efficient way you dealt with my trade in and car purchase. The deal was a very attractive one and the car is a dream!
Many thanks and I can highly recommend you to anybody else who is considering doing a deal with you.

Kind regards


Just a quick thank you for an easy and pleasant sale of our much loved Alfa this week. You offered much more in terms of payment than the part exchange offers, were extremely flexible around picking the car up, fitting in around our work and children! Very polite and a pleasure to sell to. Would highly recommend your company.

Kind regards


Unfortunately my 159 suffered engine failure on the motorway and, having dealt with Veloces before, I sought their advice.
Hiren and I discussed the options around repair or disposal and came to the conclusion it was time to part company with the car.
Veloces offered me the best price, liaised with my local garage, took care of collection and paid promptly.
Couldn't have asked for more given the circumstances and would recommend them to others.
Hi Paul

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the very quick and seamless sale of my Abarth to you. I have sold a few of my cars to the trade over the years, and I have to say this was the most hassle free. I received a call from Andrew with his bid on my car at 530pm yesterday. He then arrived at my house at 1030am this morning, as he said he would, and quickly checked over the car to confirm it was in the same condition as I described, before transferring funds. No renegotiation, no haggling, just simple and straightforward.

I'll certainly be recommending Veloces!


Great to meet Andy earlier today in Cardiff. He was on time and represented your company very well. A very friendly guy who made the whole transaction very easy. I was amazed how fast the money transfer was, literally within 1 minute !

My initial perceptions of selling my car to the trade were proved wrong from my early conversations with Andy. He respected my position from the word go right through to visiting me at my house - a good guy.

I will call by your business when I'm next in the area. I'm pleased my precious 595c has gone to the best home to find another happy customer.

Mike H, Cardiff

Just wanted to leave a few words regarding the sale of my car.

From the start Andy was polite, informative and committed. The sale of my car couldn't have been more simple and concluded within a day.

Furthermore I believe both parties had a positive outcome in terms of price.

If anyone has a clean modern Alfa, they should be selling to Veloces.

When I'm in the market for an Alfa again they'll be my first port of call

Hi Paul,

It was a pleasure doing business with Andy, he came all the way down to Devon to buy my 159 and arrived early too! Hopefully will supply to you again in the future.

All the best. Rupert
Vince Emery
My latest alfa ( a very impressive 159 TBI ti) is the forth car I have bought from Veloces since 1997. I have always had the best service from Veloces and they have been more than happy to ensure the cars have been set up as I wanted. As a customer I have always been extremely pleased with their attention to detail and when I have needed the cars serviced they have done a great job. I cannot recommend Veloces enough to anyone who is serious about acquiring an Alfa Romeo.
James Allison
"A Diesel hot hatch that delivers power and economy on top of its Italian good looks."

Whilst recently selling my Giulietta Cloverleaf, the boys at Veloces gave me the chance to drive their new prototype, aptly named the "˜Ascari 200'.

I'm 17, and a very lucky 17 year old at that. My first car was a 2012 Giulietta Cloverleaf, and it was a car I truly cut my teeth on. I learnt to drive in it, I even passed my test in it. 6 months of "˜spirited' driving has been in a Cloverleaf and I am confident enough to say that I know the car and it's limits. So when I was given the opportunity to test drive the diesel, I jumped at the chance, safe in the knowledge that I'd easily be able to handle the lowered powered car.

Pulling out of the drive, I calmly reached 20mph in 2nd before planting my foot to the floor to compare acceleration. At this speed, a cloverleaf would pick up nicely and would continue to accelerate into 3rd, 4th, etc. The Ascari was different though, it went mad. The wheels screeched as it pounced forward, tyres barely keeping up with the rate of acceleration. I quickly learnt that this car commanded respect, with usable low down power being in abundant supply.

One thing that did impress me was the drivability. In the cloverleaf, you've got to have tiny delicate feet to avoid redlining the car whilst slowly pulling away in dynamic mode. The Ascari is much more refined however, and pulls away with some dignity. The only thing that phased me was the heavy, sporty steering, however this was also present on my Cloverleaf and the fact I drive a Jaguar doesn't particularly help!

Up to 80mph, I'd say the Ascari could keep pace with the Cloverleaf; eventually bhp would defeat torque; however in real life, the Ascari offers a much more usable and practical alternative for daily life. On extended journeys, the car can run at 140bhp delivering a frugal fuel return, and regularly achieves 45 Mpg on brisk long runs. Additionally, road tax is only £30 a year and insurance for someone like me is considerably cheaper than any equivalent.

Handling is impressive, the car feels more agile than the Cloverleaf due to the front strut brace fitted by Veloces and around tight corners, the benefits are clear to see. The sheer torque delivered by the engine at this stage is however a tad overwhelming for the standard gearbox, and the Q2 electronic differential is essential for a donor car to reduce understeer.

The biggest appeal to the Ascari is the personal specification you can choose. This particular one runs 159 19" Ti wheels, which look very tasteful in white. However my favourite is the Brera 19" Prodrives in High gloss black with Brembo callipers. If this is your preference, Veloces will source you the perfect car in your colour and with your accessories, before tailoring it completely around your budget and style.

Did someone say a bespoke 200bhp hot hatch that delivers 45mpg and looks like a Monza track car for under 10k?

If you're a true Alfisti, this ticks all the boxes.
This is Stephen, you put wheels and callipers on my Car on Saturday.

This is just a courtesy email to thank you and the rest of the guys for the job you did on the car.

I love how it looks, was very happy with the quality, value and efficiency of the service and would certainly recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for similar work to be done on their cars.

I may well be seeing you again soon, who knows.

Many thanks

Hi Paul,

I'd just like to say thanks to you and your guys for the really easy deal we had yesterday when Andrew and his brother came down, my previous experience of dealers has been really poor however these guys were really friendly and helpful!

I was heartbroken when I had to sell my guilietta, but by the time these guys left, I was smiling...that was quite the achievement!

Be sure to thank them again for me, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with you again.

Kind regards

James Allinson

P.S. Your Ascari guilietta is absolutely awesome, looked like a touring car!
I bought my car from Veloces after viewing several private cars. The cars at Veloces were in excellent condition compared to the ones I viewed at the same price. The staff were friendly and accommodating and allowed me my time to choose. They promised me a few things before I picked up the car and everything was done as agreed. There was a small issue when I bought the car which has been dealt with and I was given a part I wanted free of charge. Excellent to deal with on the phone or in person. Highly recommended to buy from them and will definitely buy from them again.

Thanks, Stephen
This is just a short note to say that Andrew bought my Alfa Brera from me yesterday. My experience of the sale was very good. Andrew was fast and efficient in working out whether it was the right car, we agreed a price that was acceptable, and the whole sale went very smoothly. Andrew was a nice guy who was easy to talk to. It was a straightforward and easy sale.
I just wished to compliment you on the quick & efficient way that you bought my Alfa Brera today.
Many thanks,
Paul Bevon
Hi Paul

Just wanted to thank you guys, particularly Andy, for the fantastic way you go about doing business

You're clearly brilliant at what you do and appreciate what great service is all about

You've made selling my son's car an enjoyable and straight forward experience

To think that Andy and I were only talking last night and today the car has been collected

And all the cash sorted with ease

We've loved having the Abarth and I'm sure you'll find it another good home

Thanks again. By all means feel free to share this email

J Gibson
I was persuaded by Hiren to have the new engine cleaning service and am glad I did as the car now drives like a dream, and as usual customer service and welcome are second to none. Would happily recommend Veloces to anyone.

Douglas Ingram
I have been using Veloces for about a year now, since I bought my Brera. The service has always been consistent, whether it's a small or large job. The work carried out is always first class, everything that needs to be done is always explained thoroughly and the price is fair for what is carried out.
More than anything, I find them extremely obliging, always fitting in with my schedule and friendly every time. I feel very lucky to have a garage like this who specialise in Alfa Romeo so close to home.
Overall, I feel thoroughly supported by them.
Hello Hiren

just to let you know that I did notice greater acceleration on my Brera after you guys serviced it on the 11th March! Thanks again,

best regards
Hi Paul

Your help in rectifying this matter is much appreciated. I've always said that you judge a business not by what they do when things go well, but rather by how they handle things when something goes wrong. It is unfortunate that I encountered the problem with the wheels but understand that sometimes these things do happen and I don't blame you for it. I do want to say that I've been very pleased with your follow up and the way you have kept in contact with updates. I am happy to recommend you in the future.

With thanks and kind regards,

Peter B
Hi Paul,
Thanks very much for the rapid reply.
I have just placed my order online with you.
I Have only ever had positive experience, when dealing with your company.
Best regards Peter
Just wanted to say I got the part a few days ago. Was very quickly.

Thank you for a great service,

Avi Z
Just wanted to drop you a little note for the **Superb** service you have delivered with my purchase from your store.
(And I'm so happy with my new Q2 diff fitted in my 166!! - great product.

Looking forward to do business with you again.

Thank you so much!


-Avi Z.

Thomas (Beckingham)
"Despite living over an hour's drive away, I choose Veloces for their unparalleled Alfa Romeo service. Paul and his team always provide me with a prompt and professional service. I cannot recommend Veloces highly enough."

Well deserved guys.

Robin (Bristol)
This is my first foray into Alfa ownership and having spent months reading all the reviews and checking the details, I decided that the car I really wanted was a GT. I needed to make sure that I could buy a decent model from a reliable source. Paul at Veloces of London was able to source me an excellent example in a remarkably short time-frame. It was fully serviced before sale and Veloces did an excellent job in getting the car just right, including sourcing a bluetooth system for the stereo. The car drives beautifully and my next Alfa will definitely be bought from Veloces!

"Dear Paul and Veloces Team,

Thank you for the great job you did on my 2.4 159, the upgrade work carried out including the DPF removal, injector clean, egr blank and remap has made the car pull like a train, mileage is great even when driven hard and the car seems much more relaxed even at low speeds around town, I would recommend the work to anyone. Your guys were great and when I get fed up with this car ill be back to you for something new."


"Having driven Alfa's for over 20 years, I have been going to Veloces for
all things Alfa for the last 10 of those years and have never received
anything but excellent, friendly and competitively priced service. I really
like the fact that if I do have a problem all I need to do is take the car
there and forget about it knowing it will always get sorted without fuss and
unexpected expense which is quite a rare thing in this day and age".


For fast, efficient, economic service by friendly helpful staff I would never go anywhere else

James (Barnett)
Having used the main agents I much prefer the service I receive at Veloces. They are always prepared to fit my car in at short notice and are very thorough and definitely know the language of Alfa Romeos.

P.Straker-Welds (Palmers Green)
I have used you for all my servicing, repair and Bodywork for the last 12 years I would never go anywhere else. If it were not for you; Veloces of London, my love affair with Alfa Romeo would have ended many years ago.

Keep up the good work.
D.Hernes (Tonbridge Wells)
Having spent considerable time and money at other Alfa Romeo garages I was extremely impressed with Veloces abilities to cure my poor running problems within a couple of minutes and would definitely recommend them to anybody who wants to maintain the smooth running of their car.

Zoe A
I can't praise the team at Veloces enough, very high standard of service they go above and beyond to to make trading in my old car for the one I purchased from them a breeze, the whole process was very pleasant & strees no issues whatsoever. One very happy customer
Rupert T
Excellent service, very helpful. Arranged to purchase car unseen based on the advert and discussions. I was assured it was immaculate and it certainly was! No hard pressure, nice easy transaction and the car was better than described. No hesitation recommending Veloces.

Verified purchase
Jeremy P
The salesman was extremely patient and knowledgeable. I was offered numerous test drives to confirm my choice and left extremely happy with my cloverleaf. Their selection of performance Alfas was second to none and they have a clear enthusiasm for the marque. These guys do not mess around. Would highly recommend.
Chris M
From the very first moment of arriving, Paul and his team was highly professional and welcoming. Very knowledgeable about their vehicles and able to answer any question thrown at them. Paul and his team went the extra mile in providing a top quality service by making sure my new car was is top condition upon collection. If I could give 6 stars I wouldn't hesitate in doing so. I will definitely be returning in the future to upkeep the maintenance on my car. I couldn't recommend anyone better!