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 Keeping your JEEP in "always-ready-to-conquer" condition requires the expertise in vehicle servicing, caring and maintenance. However, this is not the only option we are ready to offer. Our tandem of experience and expertise has never been so affordable.


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 Luxury cars were never cheap to run until the moment when CHRYSLER came into the game. And until we offered our maintenance services for these vehicle.


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 Chrysler Ypsilon

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We are ready to serve any CHRYSLER or JEEP. Rare, modern or classic.

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At Veloces of London our highly skilled team of technicians offer a full range of garage services from as simple as replacing a headlamp bulb to a complete engine overhaul. As Jeep are part of the Fiat nework we have all the latest diagnostic hardware to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle and as we always use genuine parts our work will keep your warranty valid.

Furthermore we will be pleased to look after your vehicle with not only servicing but MOT's , Body repairs, Electrical and all aspects of Auto Air Conditioning. We can also provide you with a free courtesy car for your use whilst a service is being carried out or alternatively we are happy to take you to our local train or tube stations.

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